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dance Tango in London on every night of the week!

This  is the regular schedule

key to schedule

C = class, M = milonga (dance), P = practica (practice),

b = beginner, i = improver, i+ = intermediate (e.g. 3 years) a = advanced (e.g. 5 years)

Special courses and events are mentioned on the page below. There is a contact list for Tango outside London here.
Since teachers sometimes move or share their club venues the milongas are listed by club name and the venue name and postcode. For a full list of addresses, description of the venue, contacts and maps use the links.

Class levels - Please note that it is rarely rewarding, even discouraging, to do a class that is at a higher level than your ability. You may be considered a ‘beginner’ for up to two years. There is no fast track in tango, just steady progress. You will need to do dance tango more than once a week to get to ‘intermediate’. On the other hand it is very worthwhile for experienced tango dancers to revisit the basic exercise classes and to help beginners to get a feel for the dance. We are all ‘improvers’ !

A milonga is usually preceded by a one hour class for beginners or intermediate level of ability. If you arrive early please sit and watch quietly.
A practica is open to all levels but do not expect tuition or to change partner.

N.B. prices may vary depending on number or level of class, inclusive with dance, visiting performers etc.

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