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a few basic terms and concepts to build on...

The Salida
the first. or primary leading  sequence: Facing each other
1. the man steps to the left .2. Forward with the right
3. Forward with the left. 4. Feet together. 5. He turns his
right shoulder back while she is forced to cross her left foot
in front of her right. 6. Her right foot goes back, he moves
forward with his left foot. 7. They both take a step - she to
the left side, he to his right. 8. They both put their feet together.
the cross - 5th position
    The Giro (4 point turn)
Usually done when man's right foot and woman's left 
foot are free. 1. Man steps forward with his right leading 
the woman to take a forward step, a n open side step then a back pivot followed by a  step back with the right foot and ending with a side open step - to resolve as the leader sees fit.                            
the giro -   first forward step                   
The gancho (hook)
Either partner can perform this move. Using the free leg,
swing it around the partners stable leg. The action is more
from the thigh than the lower leg. Be careful to keep
the movement soft and relaxed as it is essential to
release as the partner starts to move.
The gancho can be done with a forward or backward hook.
the gancho (hook)
The ocho (figure eight)
This can be led as forward or backward pivot for the follower.
The ocho is guided by the leader from the 4th step of the salida.
The follower pivots on her axis with her weight on her left foot.
She steps onto her right foot and then guided by the leader
pivots on her right foot.
The man is moving his weight from right to left foot
but not moving forward. He counter-rotates his chest from his hips.
the ocho- back pivot

more technique