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We are currently creating content for this section.We would like you to suggest your favourite tunes to dance to or listen to. Please send your suggestions to info@takes22tango.co.uk

Thank you for your interest!

Listening tango is appreciably different from tango to dance to. For a good guide to Tango music and discography visit www.milonga.co.uk or if you want to listen to some orchestras and music from all the different eras, try www.todotango.com You can stream a little bit of everything. Or tune in to Radio Tango on  www.radiocubik.com – you will need a music player such as Winamp (free) and a fast broadband connection.

Biagi Very rhythmic tango tunes
Calo Smooth and melodic
Canaro Cheerful experimental or traditional
D'agostino       Crisp, clean and elegant
D'arienzo Foot-tapping dance floor music
De Angelis Fabulous valses and swirling violins charac
Di Sarli  Smooth and elegant – Golden Age music
Firpo  Reliable dance music – Guardia Vieja (old guard)
Fresedo Suave (Tango Liso) dance style
Gardel The greatest of the Tango singers- but not for dancing to
Piazzola Both for his dance tunes and experimental music
Pugliese  Passionate dance tunes
Salgan  Bursting with energy
Troilo Possibly the most popular bandoneist and orchestra ever
Varela   Excellent dance music

D'Arienzo and Di Sarli are very popular to dance to. Piazzola is a ‘modern’ favourite but hard to dance to. Great Classic bands playing today are Sexteto Mayor and Color Tango. There is also a host of new techno or neo tango bands, such as Narcotango the best known of which is Gotan Project. Many people delight in finding ‘tango’ tunes amongst other popular forms – such as Grace Jones ‘I’ve seen that Face Before’ and Leonard Cohen’s’Dance me to the end of Love’ or film music such as Yumegi’s theme from ‘In the Mood for Love ‘ , Amélie’s theme (Amélie)or the upbeat ‘Roxanne’ from Moulin Rouge.

Carlos di Sarli – Todos –di Sarli

Pugliese – From Argentina to the World

Pugliese - Ausencia

Canaro – La Melodia de nuestro Adios

Tanturi- Cuatro Compases

D’Arienzo – El Rey Del Compas

Caló – El Compas del Corazón

Pa’ Que Bailen Los Muchachos – complilation on Blue Moon

Inolvidables RCA: Grandes Exitos 1 and 2

The soundtrack to Sally Potter’s ‘Tango Lesson’

A Rough Guide to Tango

Gotan Project –La Revancha del Tango

Bajofondo Tango Club

La Cumparsita – quintessential Tango
Oblivion-- almost any version!
La Yumba - Pugliese
Zum – Pugliese
Bahia Blanca – Di Sarli
Gallo Ciego - Pugliese
Quejas de Bandoneon - Troilo
Nephelis Tango by Haris Alexiou
Una Musica Brutal - Gotan Project
El Choclo sung by Tita Merello
Milonga del Novecientos
Bien criolla y bien portena

Favourites to go and hear today are:



Sexteto Canyengue

Tango Siempre

Tango Volcano