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Tango Teachers
London teachers often work in collaboration with each other and with visiting maestros at different venues, although some run regular weekly classes and clubs. This is not a complete list. If you would like your name to be added please contact us.

for guest teachers that are coming to London. Please contact us and give dates and venues + contact details where possible.

We have considered 'rating' the teachers but have decided that varied dance styles and approaches are suitable for different levels and personalities- just ask around! If you would like us to tell you a little about the different methods of each teacher let us know.

Teaching methods vary, some teachers talk technique,others demonstrate through
movement. Some teachers are very good with beginners, others may be excellent dancers but lack language skills, patience or a venue to teach regularly. You may get conflicting advice about dance styles e.g. tango nuevo/ guardia vieja  and the different types of embrace from different teachers. Eventually you will find the teachers and the styles that you admire and are comfortable with. It is a good idea to try a wide variety, rather than stick with one and develop idiosyncratic habits.

Check the tango times to see who is teaching and where!

Where possible always join a class at your own level - there are no short cuts and not only will you hold up the progress of a class if you can't keep up- but you will feel disheartened and enjoy it less. Many teachers will also give private lessons.

Mina & Giraldo (Corrientes Club)
Paul & Michiko (el Once Club @ the Crypt, Clerkenwell)
Cesar & Carolina ( www.latinculture.net)
Jill Barret (Tango en el Cielo private dance studio)
Pablo Alonso (The Square Pig @ Holborn)
Leo and Bridget (Tango Fandango club,Balham)
Eleonora Samoes (Milonga de la Luna & Tangology)
Richard Manuel & Pauline Reibell
Kikka Tomassi (Zero Hour Club @the Dome,)
Bianca Vrcan ( Rojoynegro Club, Union Tavern) 
Octavian Janner ( OKTango club, Warren St.)                                                        
Jenney Surelia (taste of tango)
Paul Bottomer (@The Tango Bar Southgate)
Liz Tomlin & Grant Rogan (the Tango Club @ the Friends Quaker House Covent Garden)  Alan & Ros ( MariposaClub @ Clapham)
Ivan Arandia ( Negracha Club @ Holborn)
Leroy 'the cat'
Nikki & Valerie (Dance Tango club @ the Wine Bar and alt Sats at the Crypt Clerkenwell)
Steve Fox (@ the Factory,Dance studio, Hornsey)
Geraldo & Yvonne Price
Anthony & Genevieve (Merienda Club @ the Room,Tottenham)

David Benitez & Kim Schwartz
020 8444 4211  & 07906 593 282